The Bounty Museum

Captain Bligh. Myth, Man & Mutinty. Shadom of Captain Bligh on choppy waters and the Bounty Boat.

A treasure chest of history, an Aladdin's cave full of fantastic collections. 


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Discover the amazing story of Norfolk Island in this quirky museum. The Bounty Museum is a treasure chest of history, an Aladdins cave full of fantastic collections, excellent learning resources and inspiring information stretching back to 1788.


As a civic museum for the island of Norfolk, the Bounty Museum chronicles the history of the island and provides visitors with an intimate and informative glimpse into life on Norfolk Island during this time.

The Bounty Museum Norfolk Island

More Than A Museum

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Forget about your ordinary museum experience. The Bounty Museum will allow you to look, read and touch your way through the history of Norfolk Island. 


Wander from room to room and explore Norfolk Island's history, from the Mutiny on the Bounty to life as a convict to the modern day - you will be in awe of what you find. 


It truly is a treasure trove of Norfolk Island history that will keep you occupied for hours!


Real convict ball and chain worn by prisoners on Norfolk Island.

Home of The Bounty Launch

Direct from the National Maritime Museum Cornwall, the exhibition Captain Bligh: Myth, Man & Mutiny, featuring a full-size replica of the Bounty Launch, has now found its home at the Bounty Museum.


This exhibition explores the true story of Captain Bligh and provides a compelling counter-narrative to the infamous Hollywood portrayal of the mutiny on HMS Bounty.


Discover the real man behind the myth, and delve into a historical adventure that challenges everything you thought you knew about this notorious event.


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A real size replica of the The Bounty Launch, direct from the National Maritime Museum Cornwall.

The Media Room

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The latest addition to the Bounty Museum is the Media Room, conveniently situated near the Bounty Launch.


This immersive space showcases a curated selection of documentaries and films about the Mutiny on the Bounty, Norfolk Island, and Pitcairn.


Step inside to experience a visual journey through pivotal historical events and explore the legacy of the Bounty. 

The Media Room playing a selection of documentaries and films.

Where to Find Us

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The Bounty Museum is open 7 days a week from 10am to 4pm and is located opposite the School on the roundabout at the corner of Queen Elizabeth Avenue and Middlegate Road.


The Museum has an entry fee of $15 per person, EFTPOS and free wifi and is housed in one of Norfolk Island's oldest shops, built in 1916.

Open 7 days a week

10am to 4pm

Corner of Queen Elizabeth Avenue and Middlegate Road


Bounty Museum

P.O Box 69

Norfolk Island

NSW 2899

Phone: 53961

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